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If this is your first time looking into a mobile MRI unit rental, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know. A typical mobile MRI rental trailer is a completely self-contained portable custom-built MRI imaging suite on wheels that can accomplish everything a normal in-house MRI suite can, including communicating with your PACS. We rent our mobile MRI scanners to organizations of all sizes and specialties in the United States, Canada, and their territories. Mobile MRI rental systems can be installed and operated in any climate, because each of our mobile imaging units is climate controlled via industrial HVAC equipment to ensure a comfortable experience for both your patients and staff. All of our MRI trailers regularly undergo preventative maintenance and quality assurance tests to ensure on-site reliability and performance.

The MRI trailers require an external source of electricity, which we can easily work with your facility or a local electrician to provide, specifically the mobile MRI units require 480 volt, 200 amp, 3-phase electrical service via Russellstoll receptacle in order to operate the on-board MRI scanner. We prefer a source of power directly from your facility, but the mobile MRI trailer can also run on a generator which must remain active 24/7 while running the MRI equipment. We can easily work with your facility to make sure this is taken care of.

We rent our mobile MRI trailers to organizations of all sizes including Government Hospitals, Health Systems, Imaging Centers, Veterinary Specialty Hospitals, and even individual Family Practice Offices. If you have the space for it, we can make it work!

The dimensions of an average mobile MRI scanner are usually around 48 feet long, 8.5 feet wide (with an additional 5 feet of width where the stairs and ramp extend out), and 13.5 feet tall. Our SuperCoach mobile MRI trailers are 60 feet long, 12 feet wide, and 13.5 feet tall. Our spacious interiors and mechanical lift ramps make the mobile imaging units handicap accessible.

All of our portable MRI units have on-board industrial HVAC systems to heat and cool the unit, and can be placed in any climate. We have successfully installed and reliably operated our mobile MRI trailers everywhere from Miami, Florida to Fairbanks, Alaska. We make special modifications to our systems when they will be placed in extreme heat or cold in order to ensure they operate with maximum capability and reliability.

What does a mobile MRI rental usually cost? The detailed answer is that it really depends on which MRI system or level of technology is being requested, where it is going, how quickly it needs to be there, how long the rental term is, and how demanding the market is. In general, the longer the rental term and the lower the level of technology required, the lower the price will be. There are generally also one-time costs for transportation, cleaning, and applications training (if necessary).

How long can I rent a mobile MRI trailer? We offer rentals from 1 week to 10 years or more. We offer short and long term mobile MRI rentals in the US and Canada and their territories. We also offer “route service” (1 or more days per week) if there is an opening in any of our current routes or if there is enough demand in a certain area to open a new route.

We offer rental MRI scanner models from Siemens, GE, Philips, and Toshiba. We offer both standard 60 cm bore systems and wide-bore 70 cm systems. We have systems with both long and short bores as well to suit your needs or preference. We offer both newer MRI systems with advanced application packages as well as tried-and-true systems renowned for their reliability and routine scanning capabilities. It is very likely that we will be able to match you to a system in our fleet that matches your current system, if that is your goal.

What are the advantages of renting a mobile MRI trailer from us vs any other company? First and most important, we make the whole process super easy and 100% turn-key. Renting mobile MRI units is all that we do and we’ve taken the process from a science to an art. To make your experience smooth, organized, and worry-free, we offer:

Project Assessment and Consulting
Site Planning & Preparation
Installation and Removal
System Training
Applications Training
Technician and Radiologist Services
24/7 Support and Complete Maintenance Coverage (includes MRI equipment, HVAC, medical coach mechanical components, and any required preventative maintenance)

Second, but equally important, we actually build and service our own systems. Believe it or not, many other companies just broker deals between a provider like us and a customer/healthcare provider. We stand behind our equipment and know each of our systems intimately from the inside out. Our interiors are second to none and are built with upscale finishes, custom cabinetry and lighting, as well as clear signage and artwork to make patients feel confident and comfortable. You will be proud of the mobile environment that you rent from us and your patients will feel confident in your abilities. Don’t wait to get started, call us now with your questions or to get started organizing your mobile MRI rental at 305-885-4045.

100% Complete Turn-Key Rentals

We take care of everything including planning, delivery, installation, system training, applications training, 24/7 support & maintenance, and removal.

24/7 Support Included

All of our mobile MRI rentals come complete with our 24/7 support and maintenance service. With us, you are always taken care of like a VIP.

World-Class Systems

Whether you are looking to rent a cutting edge system or an older model, our mobile MRI machines are always kept in top shape via preventative maintenance and upgrades.

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