About Us

At Medical Outfitters we recognize the challenges faced by radiology departments across the industry such as; shrinking reimbursements, capital acquisition costs, financing options, equipment service costs, patient comfort and satisfaction, maximizing workflow, supporting infrastructure, billable square footage, dealing with medical construction projects, image management systems, asset management, radiological technician turnover, image processing tools, equipment monitoring, federal and state regulations and accreditation certifications.

We have made a considerable investment in indispensable tools, which allows Medical Outfitters to deliver critical service at a moment’s notice. Investing in a viable formal and independent parts department, parts stock, and inventory infrastructure with high standards of quality control in mind, we can warranty uptime for all our contracted customers. We are also heavily invested in cryogenic support tools and training and all other areas of our business.

We can proudly say that our biggest asset is our professional team! We are all dedicated, go above and beyond, our aim is to see you prosper and advance. Our goal is to grow together with you so that we can all succeed. Your success in this field is our business. We take pride in what we do at Medical Outfitters; our team is focused on the clinical outcome of the products that we deliver.

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